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Eating Psychology Coaching Services

One on One

  • Initial intake $150 / 90 minutes
  • Individual Coaching Sessions $150 / 60 minutes

Individual coaching sessions vary from person to person, from need to need.

Your goals and needs determine the length of time we may work together.

Individual sessions are by appointment only.

For those who are interested in working with me and live too far to meet in person, we can work via Skype (same rates apply).


Some individuals may require support between sessions.

Support between sessions is provided by email or telephone – terms and fees will be agreed upon on an individual basis.



Multiple Session packages may be offered, or requested.

Package rates and terms will be customarily individualized.



  • Individual Memberships: When you agree to, pay for,  and schedule your individual coaching sessions in advance you can now take advantage of VIP treatment, by attending my public events at no extra cost.
  • Group Memberships: Discounted hourly rates for each group member.                        *(rates are determined by the size of the group and the scope of work)
  • Stay with me! More services and membership services coming soon …


* Qualifying Specials will be announced and may be limited to a specified timeframe.

* Specials are subject to change.

* If you want to work with me, but have financial burden, Please do not be afraid to discuss this with me.

My mission is to serve and support all.

Because Everyone Deserves a Healthy Relationship with Food


Tension and Trauma Release Exercises

Group Classes – Sundays at 2:30 – at Nourishing Journey Wellness Center and café : 8975 Guilford Road, Columbia MD.

Nourishing Journey website


You are invited to participate in an innovative way to release tension and stress from your body.

TRE® is a series of exercises that assist the body in releasing deep muscular patterns of stress, tension and trauma (physical and emotional). Created by Dr. David Berceli TRE® safely activates your natural reflexive mechanism by way of neurophysiological rebalancing.

Individuals and communities around the world feel the benefits of this modality for healing.

The most commonly reported benefits from TRE® : decreased anxiety, the release of chronic tension, the discharge of emotional and physical trauma, improved sleep, mood and digestion, decreased aches and pains, improved flexibility, and the decrease in symptoms for sciatica, fibromyalgia, and other chronic conditions.

* Please wear comfortable clothing you can stretch in (ie- yoga

clothing). Bring your own yoga mat (and a blanket if you desire).


Children are welcome – age 6 is a minimum age for participation. Whychildren?TRE® helpswithemotionalanxiety,physicalgrowth, focus, mood, and cognitive development.


I also offer private sessions.

Intuitive readings, Energetic healing

  • Intuitive and Tarot readings
  • Level 1 attuned practitioner and Angelic Healing modality



I am available to speak at Social Clubs, Support Groups, Networking Groups, Special Events, Staff Meet-ups, Local Events, Educational Environments … and more.

REFERRALS are rewarded


*These services are optional once we have begun our Individual work together:

  • Pantry Review / Make-over
  • Grocery Shopping Tour
  • Meal Planning Tutorial

* all fees are subject to review and may change at any time

I have strong, professional relationships with other experts. I may refer you to an expert that will further your work. Partnerships include, but are not limited to: Naturopathic Medical Doctor, Wellness Center, Massage therapists, Craniosacral Practitioner, Breath worker, Acupuncturist, Yoga instructors, Fitness Coach and Personal Trainer, Chinese Herbalist, Chiropractor, … and more.


Motivational Leadership Education

Supporting your Home-Work-Life Balance successes

I provide Corporate workshops and Health and Wellness programs, Business Professional lifestyle awareness classes, and Coaching services.


dōTERRA Wellness Advocate

As your Wellness Advocate and Health Coach, I now provide additional support through education and use of Essential Oils.

Contact me:

443.552.0750 (United States) & Skype

Skype: lk cepc / 443-552-0750

Local Location: Baltimore MD

Gift Cards available – visit my announcements page for information


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Because Everyone Deserves a Healthy Relationship with Food