I’ll be honest – So far I am having one of the best summers that I’ve had in a long time. I have absolutely NO complaints or regrets. I have Amazing friends, people who Love me and I Love them back, I’m living freely and I’m quite active. I feel GREAT. I’m coming in to my own – and I’m creating the life of my choice. I am tuning in to my relationship with food, with my body, and I am expanding myself emotionally and spiritually.


Mind Body Spirit Nutrition

    Because Everyone Deserves A Healthy Relationship with Food  

Unfortunately that means for right now I am not paying so much attention to you – my reader. But have no worries, I think of you every day. And though it may seem like I’ve forgotten about you, that is not so – I promise. I am making some pretty big plans for you. …As I have mentioned in my newsletters, and hinted here in my blog – I am back in school. So yea, while I’m having a great summer, and I hate to use the word busy because to me it can come across unntentionally as stuffy and off-putting – but this time it’s really true. I am doing so much for you, for us. You will soon see the actual proof I promise. Everything is a process. So much is coming together right now, and I really need to be open to receive all of these amazing gifts.

To truly be able to serve you, I need to understand. I need to walk the walk, not just talk the talk. We all do at times, we change. And each new time we change, we grow. It’s appropriate to say that this is a big growth spurt of a summer for me, and with that I will open up and pass along my gifts to you.

What I’m studying, and soon to be certified in, is Tension Release Exercises (also referred to Trauma Release Exercises). If you’ve invested yourself in my Eating Psycology Coaching at all, you know that your unwanted food habits and behaviors have little to do with the food itself. As a client of mine, you are invited to visit the places you wish would just be different already, and to work there. When I learned about TRE, it felt like a no-brainer to me – Releasing the struggles that are yours, and empowering your inner self (not just changing things around or about you and still holding onto struggles deep within only to cause more conflict later). It states very clearly on my website that I aim to integrate the whole person – Body, Mind, Spirit, Nutrition. And whether you choose to call it by Tension Release, or Trauma Release, I will educate you on how they can be viewed as the same and not.

Our physical bodies, and also our brains – are like road maps, or history books – recording for you exactly where you’ve been and what you’ve done. So as you live your life and get caught up in your To-Do lists and work projects and all that is life’s drama, and the stress of getting from here to there – those recordings get unsorted and mislabeled, and need to be revisited. So whether your release needs to be physical or emotional – getting to the root of a problem and bringing your life into harmony will provide you with a positive relationship with your self, and your health. And in turn, all of your outward relationships will improve as well.

Let’s make this the best summer of your life! The best year ever … and tune in to YOU


Eating Psychology


$20 per person, per class -OR- $15 early registration

Join the class at the Latrobe Park Recreational Center

1627 East Fort Avenue, Baltimore 21230

We will discuss everything you think you know about dieting and weight.

This Workshop is designed to lift the stigma of dieting and how it affects you.

Love Your Body, Love Yourself


$20 per person, per class -OR- $15 early registration

Join the class at the Latrobe Park Recreational Center

1627 East Fort Avenue, Baltimore 21230

Don’t Wait! Love Your Body, Love Yourself.

Putting off Life because you need to look a certain way first will only keep you from reaching your goals.      Learn to Love Yourself and Feel Your Life Now.

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Join us at Landmark’s Harbor East in Baltimore for this very special screening of Embrace, and fundraiser for the Araminta Freedom Initiative – on Monday February 27th at 7:30pm with Q+A afterward.

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Mi Amore



Rooted. Alive. Sensation. Energy. Emotional. Connection. Enhanced. Affirmative. Pleasure. Desire. Power. Passion. Uninhibited. Joy. Fulfilled. Expression. Light.

– Love, as defined by some. But what if, when you look in the mirror, you feel “other”.

Shy. Dark. Mistrust. Fear. Reduced. Defective. Invisible. Broken. Unworthy. Absent.

It’s ok how you feel, for it’s not your fault. As you grew up and saw and heard things for the first time, the words and actions of others made an impression on you. And you either emulated it, or retracted from it … with time, you made it your own.

If your list for the words embossed on those adorable candy hearts are of the postive variety, then please, continue to go around doling out Love without hesitation.

But if you choose not to partake in the confectionary crushers, then an unveiling is due upon you.

As with Life, Love is all about perception. You have the choice. You have the capabilities. It’s a matter of choice. You can choose to see and feel and be worthy; or you can be the observer, and continue to feel “other”. You get to choose how you tune in, and take heed your desires.