Lisa Karasek

Integrating Energetic and Spiritual Transformation through Mind Body Spirit Guidance.

My mission is to help those struggling overcome that which is not necessary.

Lisa Karasek is an expert Quantum Healer, TRE® Certified Facilitator, and Certified Eating Psychology Coach, who is able to update her client’s states of being to assist in healing and ascension. Using ancient, multi-dimensional healing and angelic energies, consciousness-based practices, and TRE® (tension and trauma releasing exercises), Lisa powerfully guides her clients to a healthier, happier, more purposeful life. Lisa is dedicated and passionate about helping you work with the dynamics of your self relationship and believes this is the key to most Mind Body Spirit disease and illness. Find more information about her and her programs – just click on the Events page.


  • Individual Guidance sessions
  • Holistic Metamorphosis® – an Energetic Healing Modality
  • Intuitive + Card Readings
  • Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises
  • Eating Psychology Coaching
  • Officiate Services

I meet with clients locally, or I can meet with you wherever you are in the world – all of my certifications are globally recognized.

Because Everyone Deserves an Authentic Self Relationship 

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Local Location: Baltimore MD



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