My name is Lisa Karasek and I am a Lifestyle Coach with a Focus on Nutrition.

I began my relationship with nutrition at a young age and have been deeply ingrained in the information since.

My Mission is to help those struggling overcome that which is not necessary.

If you struggle with food and or weight, or have body image concerns …

Do you?

  • Struggle with weight
  • Diet
  • Binge eat
  • Hide your habits
  • Avoid the mirror
  • Surrender to the scale
  • Feel fatigued or have low mood
  • Have digestion concerns
  • Wonder if you are sensitive to, or allergic to foods

Or if you are simply looking for food balance and sustainable health practices that support your lifestyle.

I take a unique and Holistic approach that is results driven because I integrate Nutrition and Psychology.

Because Everyone Deserves a Healthy Relationship with Food

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Contact me:

443.552.0750 (United States) & Skype


Skype: lk cepc / 443-552-0750

Local Location: Baltimore MD


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As your Wellness Advocate and Health Coach, I now provide additional support through education and use of Essential Oils.

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